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Brent: a Gay Book Hall of Fame

BRENT: THE HEART READER is the 2012 winner of the Gay Book Hall of Fame.

BRENT: THE HEART READER is the 2012 win­ner of the Gay Book Hall of Fame.

Here at Mys­tic Ways Books, we are gid­dy (and a lit­tle fright­ened) to let you know that Wynn Wagner’s Brent: the Heart Read­er has been induct­ed into the Gay Book Hall of Fame.

We’re a lit­tle fright­ened by this because Dr. Wag­n­er’s already got a big head, and this isn’t going to be shrink­ing it.

This is what the GBHoF said about Dr. Wag­n­er and Brent:

Brent the Heart Reader

Brent the Heart Read­er
In the Gay Book Hall of Fame

Wynn Wagner’s books are always decep­tively easy to read, and they are usu­ally fun­ny or irrev­er­ent. They are deep­er and stronger than you might think at first. He has an affin­ity for first per­son nar­ra­tives.

What makes his nov­els impor­tant for the LGBT world is that they are always about empow­er­ment. If there is a bul­ly, you can assume he or she will end up get­ting bul­lied. Sissies are the tough guys.

Although he is a retired arch­bishop in the Old Catholic Church, many of his nov­els deal with the hege­mony of orga­nized reli­gion run amuck.

In Brent: The Heart Read­er, Wag­ner takes on adop­tion. The nar­ra­tor was adopt­ed by a right wing evan­gel­i­cal fam­ily that hates queers. If you guessed that fam­ily mem­bers take a few licks, you’d be what we call cor­rec­ta­mundo. Along the way, the nar­ra­tor falls in love with a full-blood­ed Sioux. Brent has to learn and grow as oth­ers look to him for wis­dom and strength.

Brent is for mature audi­ences.

Brent: all dressed up for the holidays


Brent: the Heart Reader