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Trinity Valley School — Kent Henning

by Wynn Wag­n­er

I went to Trin­i­ty Val­ley School (TVS) in Fort Worth for sev­er­al years. Bru­tal cours­es. I bare­ly had to crack a book when I went back to pub­lic school. What’s more, I rarely saw any­thing new in col­lege. Every­thing was stuff I learned at TVS.

TVS was the site of the only school bul­ly­ing that I expe­ri­enced. Two kids were the main cul­prits: Mar­t­in Fend­er and [?] Cush­ing. It was bad enough that my adopt­ed dad had a meet­ing with one of the school exec­u­tives. KENT HENNING had the balls to say bul­ly­ing — espe­cial­ly when it involves a gay kid — is just a fact of life. He told me to get used to it. He said there’d be no help from the school. This guy’s name (if you missed it) is KENT HENNING. The school is Trin­i­ty Val­ley, and they went out and named a golf tour­na­ment after this pro-bul­ly­ing dick.

You can imag­ine how dis­mayed I was to run across a web­page about the Kent Hen­ning Invi­ta­tion­al Golf Tour­na­ment. This offi­cial spon­sor of anti-gay bul­ly­ing has a golf thingy named after him.

I took care of the bul­ly­ing. I left TVS at the end of the year and went back to pub­lic school. It was nice there, and I rarely had to study.

TVS got kicked to the curb. I nev­er even thought about Hen­ning or Fend­er or Cush­ing. I moved on, but the golf game was annoy­ing. Hen­ning some­how hood­winked that school: mazel tov.

Because I was born into fos­ter care, find­ing ad hoc solu­tions to prob­lems is what I can do. My insur­ance pol­i­cy again­st pub­lic school bul­ly­ing was both fun and effec­tive. I put out for a cou­ple of foot­ball play­ers. I don’t real­ly know if we had quid pro quo. All I know is that there wasn’t any bul­ly­ing, for what­ev­er rea­son.