Wynn's-audiobooksHere are Wynn Wagner’s audio­books (*nsfw*).


Brent the Heart Reader, narrated by Chris Patton

Chris Patton, voice actorWynn Wag­n­er has writ­ten or edit­ed some 40 books, but he says that Brent: the Heart Read­er is his favorite. It’s easy to see why, and the ten­der lov­ing tone is one of the rea­sons that Brent was added to the Gay Book Hall of Fame. Brent is a tarot read­er, not because he’s into weird occult stuff, but because he found out he’s a com­plete mas­ter of those cards. He first falls in lust with Tako­ta (an Apache man from a Nava­ho region). They lat­er take that won­der­ful trip into a deep lov­ing rela­tion­ship. Brent and Tako­ta both bring plen­ty of his­to­ry and bag­gage, but they work through their doubts and fears. Brent is a live­ly sto­ry with a few fun­ny and snarky char­ac­ters.

Chris Pat­ton (right) takes to the mic to nar­rate the sto­ry. He’s not­ed for nar­rat­ing gobs of Ani­me. You will prob­a­bly rec­og­nize his voice and fall in love with Brent/​Chris.

The audio­book is unabridged.

In case you’re curi­ous, Brent’s t-shirt says “one man’s junk is anoth­er man’s trea­sure.” This is a fun gay romance nov­el.

The audio­book is avail­able at:
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Jason Lovett, narrator

Vamp Camp by Wynn Wagner

Vamp Camp is nar­rat­ed by Jason Lovett (right). It’s the sto­ry of a young man from a tiny town in Tex­as who was in Ger­many as an Amer­i­can sol­dier in World War One. He was turned into a vam­pire by a hate­ful Ger­man vam­pire. So we have this hick-town Tex­an liv­ing in Ger­many. He has an awful time with Ger­man and French… Hell, he isn’t all that tal­ent­ed with Eng­lish! That’s a hard char­ac­ter to pull off in print, and it’s almost impos­si­ble to do in an audio­book. Jason Lovett does a won­der­ful job with the sto­ry.

The audio­book is unabridged. The author reads an intro­duc­tion and the ded­i­ca­tion. Free sam­ples are avail­able every­where Vamp Camp audio­book is sold.

Vamp Camp audio­book is avail­able at: