Time Flies


Time Flies - science fiction by Wynn Wagner
ISBN: 9781938964039 (paper­back)
ISBN: 9781938964046 (case­bound)
ISBN: 9781938964053 (ebook)
ASIN: B01MUFGNVW (Ama­zon Kindle MOBI)
BCID: 755 – 14419253 (goodreads)

Small town Tex­as is tough on a gay kid, but this one decid­ed to learn karate. Prob­lem solved, or so he thought.

Time Flies is fun­ny. It’s the ten­der sto­ry of a young man who doesn’t let soci­ety or its machin­ery hold him back. He’s going to fall in love, and there’s noth­ing you can do about it. He’s going to save the world, and it’s so Top Secret that nobody gives him a medal or says Thank You. Those would have been nice, but what he got was love.

His whole life is about hope. If bub­ba doesn’t give you hope, you make it your­self. If soci­ety says you’re sub­stan­dard, go change the stan­dard. Andreas learns how to do that, and he’s real­ly fun­ny doing it.

Time Files starts angry. The nar­ra­tor hates liv­ing in Tex­as, hates the bub­bas down the street, and has a gen­er­al­ly foul atti­tude. His roost­er is con­tin­u­al­ly stoned on pot seeds from some­where. The book goes through snarky and fun­ny, and it ends with some of the most lov­ing prose we’ve seen in years.

NOTE: All eBooks con­tain live con­tent.

This is Wynn Wagner’s first book since a hos­pi­tal stay of 5-months awhile ago. He has no pan­creas now, and he suf­fers from demen­tia. Writ­ing with demen­tia isn’t as sim­ple as you might think.

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