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A trag­ic end­ing to his first real love affair and the sub­se­quent guilt sent Sean Roberts sink­ing into alco­holism, destroy­ing his career and near­ly cost­ing him his life. After fight­ing his way back from the edge and with five years of sobri­ety under his belt, he begins to rebuild his broad­cast­ing career, but love con­tin­ues to elude him.

It takes a per­fect encoun­ter with a mys­te­ri­ous angel, sev­er­al enthu­si­as­tic romps with an agent, and meet­ing the man of his dreams at an AA meet­ing to open his eyes again to love’s pos­si­bil­i­ties. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, fate isn’t done toy­ing with him and threat­ens to snatch away the joy he’s found with the beau­ti­ful Wyatt… but Sean is ready to fight for his life and for his love.

Num­ber of Page 250
Inte­ri­or Type Black and White
Trim Size (inch­es) 6 x 9
Bind­ing US Trade Paper
Pub­lished 2011, Dream­spin­ner Press

[three][quote2]“Wow, I don’t even know where to begin. The sto­ry is so well writ­ten that the read­er is able to under­stand every nuance, every glib, every shift of scene that occurs. It helps if you are famil­iar with AA and their 12 steps and their bada** no excus­es sup­port groups. But you come to under­stand about hit­ting bot­tom before being able to climb back up. Sean had hit bot­tom, but is now an AA mem­ber and is able to spon­sor new­er mem­bers, but still has his prob­lems with some­times want­i­ng to slide back into the “fog”. Mr. Wag­n­er has given Sean depth, he makes him real, with real prob­lems and almost unat­tain­able (some­times not so real) solu­tions. I hadn’t expect­ed the twists and turns the “antag­o­nist” of the sto­ry threw in the path of Sean and Wyatt, but it sure kept me on the edge of my seat. Although the antag­o­nist remains imper­son­al and cold, we are still able to glimpse into a trou­bled mind. After you’ve read this, you will also see that 5 Stars are not enough.”

Bogey B “Gene” (Amazon)[/quote2]

Commitment Issues


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