The Obscurati (Vamp Camp 2)


A hun­dred years after his turn­ing, Mårten Larsson and his lover Oberon have tak­en the com­pas­sion and car­ing they found in Vamp Camp and cre­at­ed an empire that brings bal­ance to vam­pire soci­ety around the world. Once two gid­dy young vamps, now they’re the most for­mi­da­ble vam­pire hit squad in his­to­ry: The Obscu­rati.

As the “Unseen Death,” the duo enforces vam­pire law. When a vam­pire breaks the rules any­where in the world, or when the local vam­pire lead­ers can’t con­trol a sit­u­a­tion, that’s when The Obscu­rati show up. Mårten and Oberon tur­bo-charge the action with the lat­est in anti-vamp fire­pow­er and more, all the while push­ing their steamy rela­tion­ship to the next lev­el.

Num­ber of Page 210
Inte­ri­or Type Black and White
Trim Size (inch­es) 6 x 9
Bind­ing US Trade Paper
Pub­lished 2011, Dream­spin­ner Press

[three][quote2]“Goodbye, vam­pires in New Orleans, Colo­nial era. Hel­lo, vam­pires in Ger­many, World War One era. Author Wynn Wag­n­er tack­les a sub­ject that many authors have tack­led, notably Anne Rice, and he has found new and col­or­ful and erotic ways to write about it. Best of all, he does it with the deli­cious­ly dry wit that infus­es every­thing he writes.”

—Patri­cia Nell War­ren, author of The Front Runner[/quote2]

This is the sequel to Vamp Camp.

The Obscurati (Vamp Camp 2)


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