Brent: the Heart Reader




A new age romance by Wynn Wag­n­er

Brent is a tarot read­er, a young man whose adopt­ed fam­i­ly doesn’t like tarot read­ers or gays or Swedes or any­thing else that Brent can bring to the dis­cus­sion.  One of his tarot read­ings is for a young Sioux man, and that’s where Brent’s old life stops. Brent’s finds a whole new life that is full of won­der and adven­ture, as he learns to read his own heart first.

Viking meets Sioux — fire­works.

BRENT: THE HEART READER is the ten­der and sexy sto­ry of self-aware­ness and accep­tance as this wound­ed heal­er lets him­self fall in love with a won­der­ful man.


Paper­back ISBN 978 – 1470072841
Hard­back ISBN 978 – 1-105 – 61875-8
e-Book ISBN 978 – 1620955758
Size 5 x 8 in. (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Pages 316
BISAC Fic­tion /​ Gay (adult con­tent)
Tags new age, tarot, lgbt, romance, gay, gay adop­tion


Brent the Heart Reader, narrated by Chris Patton

Audio­book, nar­rat­ed by Chris Pat­ton

[quote2]Retired arch­bish­op: I get that. I even can see how you might write gay fic­tion. It’s a niche, but I can see it. Best­seller on top of every­thing else: mazel tov. Explic­it, which is cool. Now you know tarot? The hell? Dude, pick a lane.

Park­er B. Olsson, iras­ci­ble New York­er


[quote2]I always enjoy read­ing Wynn Wag­n­er and not just because he is an excel­lent writer.… I am con­stant­ly amazed at not only what Wag­n­er writes but the fact that he knows so much about so many dif­fer­ent things, Fur­ther­more; he is will­ing to share what he knows with us. The sto­ry is sexy but it is also a ten­der love sto­ry that not only deserves your atten­tion but mer­its it.

Amos Las­son




Brent: the Heart Reader

BRENT: THE HEART READER is the 2012 winner of the Gay Book Hall of Fame.

BRENT: THE HEART READER is the 2012 win­ner of the Gay Book Hall of Fame.



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5 Responses to Brent: the Heart Reader

Commented:  April 5, 2012 at 16:44()

This is an amaz­ing book about a young tarot read­er. The guy is the nar­ra­tor of this LGBT romance. He is full of faults, but I found myself lik­ing him intense­ly. The cast of char­ac­ters in this zip­py read are awe­some. Tako­da is the Sioux guy who came for a read­ing and becomes Brent’s love inter­est. Kae­la is a hoot. She is Brent’s best friend, and she is brash and in your face. Nice works like a CSI tech, and he’s got the zip­pi­est ban­ter of any­body.

I didn’t think I’d like this book because I am not into tarot, but I am very much inter­est­ed in men in love (les­bian fic­tion, too). Brent is an hon­est sto­ry that is fast-mov­ing and full of crazy twists.

The nar­ra­tor was adopt­ed, and his adopt­ed fam­i­ly doesn’t like queers. Too bad for them!!! I was adopt­ed too, so I can real­ly relate to what the author says about blood-rela­tions.

If you are look­ing for a roman­ic sto­ry about men, this needs to be at the top of your list.

Commented:  April 5, 2012 at 17:48()

Com­plete­ly amaz­ing. I do not have enough stars to say what I real­ly feel about this book. I only wish that we had such pos­i­tive role mod­els for gays when I was a kid. The nar­ra­tor is BRENT, and he is Swedish (like me) and adopt­ed (like me again) and a tarot read­er (two out of three ain’t bad, you know).

So his adopt­ed fam­i­ly hates his guts, and Brent has to deal with that which he does with good humor and a VERY pos­i­tive approach to almost every­thing. He com­plains a lot, but you can tell that his head is in a good place.

He meets the love of his life dur­ing a tarot read­ing. The oth­er guy is Sioux and aston­ish­ing­ly well-adjust­ed to just about every­thing. Wynn Wag­n­er throws a fast mov­ing sto­ry. If you don’t like brash peo­ple telling it like it is, you may not be ready for this. May­be if your IQ isn’t up there, you won’t be able to keep up because the sto­ry throws plot devices at you and moves on with­out dwelling. 

This is a very fast read. It is also a very smart read. You can’t be a prude with this sto­ry!

I think it was Natha­nial Hawthorne who said some­thing like “easy to read” is real­ly “hard to write.” I am pleased to say that Wynn Wag­n­er hit this easy-to-read book out of the park.

It is a great read.

Commented:  April 5, 2012 at 18:13()

I am an astrologer and a Wic­can. The author of this book says he is Chris­tian, but the plot and char­ac­ters ring quite true to me.

The char­ac­ters are brash and lov­ing all at the same time. Parts of the book made me laugh out loud. Oth­er parts (like Tako­da call­ing out for Rune) made me cry a lit­tle. There is so much hap­pi­ness and love in this sto­ry.

Wynn Wag­n­er is a cap­ti­vat­ing and excep­tion­al writer.

An Old Life Stops, a New Life Begins

Amos Lassen

I always enjoy read­ing Wynn Wag­n­er and not just because he is an excel­lent writer. Main­ly I like that he does not hold back on how he feels about how orga­nized reli­gion affects our lives and he does so from a point of author­i­ty. For him, “mar­riage apartheid at the expense of per­son­al rights” is dis­gust­ing and not only unfair but ungod­ly. He and his part­ner were mar­ried in the Old Catholic Church for just that rea­son. Wag­n­er has a degree in the­ol­o­gy (a doc­tor­ate, no less) so when he speaks, he knows what he is speak­ing about and his thoughts about reli­gion per­me­ate his books.

Here, the main char­ac­ter, Brent, is a tarot read­er and he is an adopt­ed child (like Wag­n­er him­self was). His adopt­ed fam­i­ly doesn’t like tarot read­ers “or gays (as Wag­n­er is) or Swedes” (as Wag­n­er was born) and in fact they do not like much of any­thing Brent has to say. Once at a read­ing for a young Sioux, Brent receives a rev­e­la­tion that caus­es him to real­ize that his life is mun­dane and sad and there is a bet­ter life out there filled “with won­der and adven­ture”. Brent learns how to under­stand his own heart and in doing so becomes self-aware and self-accept­ing and falls in love with anoth­er man. Here is the mes­sage — to know our­selves, to accept our­selves and to love our­selves are the first steps to being able to love some­one else.

I am con­stant­ly amazed at not only what Wag­n­er writes but the fact that he knows so much about so many dif­fer­ent things, Fur­ther­more; he is will­ing to share what he knows with us. The sto­ry is sexy but it is also a ten­der love sto­ry that not only deserves your atten­tion but mer­its it.

Lena Grey
Commented:  April 29, 2012 at 12:19()

by Lena Grey

I believe that noth­ing in life is coin­ci­dence, every­thing that hap­pens to us is part of our des­tiny. We meet the right peo­ple at the right moment in our lives when we need it. It does not hap­pen before or after; it just hap­pens at the right moment.” ~ Lil­ly

For Brent, of ‘Brent The Heart Read­er’ by Wynn Wag­n­er, life doesn’t seem all that fan­tas­tic. In fact, it seems down­right awful, yet Brent holds on to the truth that things will turn out for the best. As his past is cleared away, lit­er­al­ly in some instances and fig­u­ra­tive­ly in oth­ers, he strug­gles with his pur­pose. Brent attracts won­der­ful peo­ple who chose to trav­el with him as Brent jour­neys toward a bet­ter under­stand­ing of him­self and his true pur­pose. After seri­ous soul search­ing, Brent is able to put things in per­spec­tive and accept the gift of love which the Uni­verse is offer­ing him. 

I iden­ti­fied with Brent right away, prob­a­bly because I’ve been through some of the spir­i­tu­al dilem­mas that he’s expe­ri­enced. He’s a wound­ed heal­er, able to help every­one but him­self. Even though he com­plains a lot, he does so with a great sense of humor; it’s his way of pro­cess­ing life. Brent is a good friend, he has a good heart; and he’s con­tin­u­al­ly giv­ing of him­self with­out receiv­ing. Brent is try­ing to find his bal­ance in a very con­fus­ing world, which often seems to be con­spir­ing again­st him. I admire his strength and his tenac­i­ty as he goes again­st the grain; Brent is true to him­self. He strives to always choose the high road, even though he knows it will be more dif­fi­cult.

Wynn expert­ly weaves the mys­ti­cal ele­ments into the sto­ry, illus­trat­ing the con­cepts by exam­ples, in Brent’s, his lover, Takota’s, and the oth­er char­ac­ters’ emo­tion­al, phys­i­cal, and spir­i­tu­al reac­tions to them. This approach enables the read­er to be able appre­ci­ate and join in their expe­ri­ences, rather than mere­ly hav­ing edu­ca­tion­al but emo­tion­less words explain­ing the con­cepts.

I guessed from the sub­ject mat­ter, and the gor­geous cov­er, that I would like this book, but it was even bet­ter than I had imag­ined. Wynn’s style is fast, wit­ty, cheeky, sen­su­al, inti­mate, and infor­ma­tive. It’s a very ful­fill­ing sto­ry with lots of emo­tion­al ups and downs, sus­pense, intrigue, spir­i­tu­al­i­ty, bal­ance, and love. It reminds us that every­thing, espe­cial­ly the Uni­verse, requires bal­ance and that every cause has an effect. If you’re up for a sen­su­al love sto­ry which is very plea­sur­able, but very infor­ma­tive as well, ‘Brent the Heart Read­er’ may be for you. Wynn, thank you for shar­ing your tal­ent and wis­dom with me and mak­ing me think. 

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