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Time Flies -- Wynn Wagner

Time Flies is sci­ence fic­tion unlike you ever saw before. Our hero has to save the world (that’s a given), but first he has to save him­self from bul­lies in small town Tex­as. You will not be able to pre­dict the end­ing… or even what’s on the next page.

BRENT: THE HEART READER is the 2012 winner of the Gay Book Hall of Fame.

BRENT: THE HEART READER is the 2012 win­ner of the Gay Book Hall of Fame.


Brent the Heart Read­er
Brent the Heart Reader
Tarot for Chris­tians
Tarot for Christians


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Fangs over America Vamp Camp The Obscurati (Vamp Camp 2) The Vamp in the Silver Mask (Vamp Camp 3)
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Wynn’s spir­i­tu­al and litur­gi­cal titles are at Mys­tic Ways Books.